Another fantastic few weeks!

We have all been working so hard these past few weeks with our writing, our maths work and learning all about our new topic!

Our new topic is about old and new toys and learning all about them, the different materials and who would have played with toys like this. We even made our own toys! We made some puppets and decorated some dolly pegs! We had so much fun pretending to be toy makers and creating them. We designed our puppets first and then we made them using felt. 

We have also been working really hard practicing more sounds for our phonics test! We’ve been reading really tricking words like inspire and finding the special friends in them. Don’t forget to keep looking for split diagraphs, because you’re all getting really good at finding them now! 

I have found some phonics challenges for you to have a go at. 

I really like a game of eye spy, and this is like this game. I have lots of pictures, can you find me any objects that have got an ay, an ai or a a e sound in them? 

Have a super weekend everybody remember keep reading and practicing your phonics, only four weeks left! 



We’ve five weeks until the phonics screening check so we need to keep practicing all of our sounds, our set 1 sounds and set 2 special friends. Can you practice your split diagrams sounds too? You should be practicing these for at least 5 minutes each night. They are all in your yellow special friends book. 

A big thank you to all the parents who came to the phonics evening as well I hope it was useful and you understand the phonics screening check better.  I have put the link on for the Ruth Miskin site so you can watch all of the videos and learn how to pronounce the sounds. there’s also a really good video about the phonics screening check for parents that may answer any unanswered questions that you may still have.  

I have also put on the link for the phonics play website. All of the children have really enjoyed playing the games for the past couple of weeks.  Remember Fred talk the word first and then think about the meaning. Is it real or a nonsense word and then give it to the correct person.

Remember keep practicing 5 weeks to go!

Another super busy week!

What a super week we have had even though it’s been really busy. We had an exciting visitor in our class who brought us some old toys to play with and we all had a lot of fun with them. 

Mrs Conyard told us all about the toys from the past and the toys the rich people would play with and the toys poor people would play with. Can you remember the difference? 

We played with toys called Jacob’s ladders, puppets, spinning tops and pecking hens. 

We then played some group games. We played games like dominos and pick up sticks. We all had lots of fun and enjoyed playing the games with our friends. 

We have been looking more at our phonics this week and you have been doing amazing! You have all been trying so hard in phonics and all your phonics teachers have been telling me how hard you are all trying! Don’t forget to keep reading your yellow special friends book and practicing your alien words. Maybe you could make your own alien words up and show me them, can you use a special friend in them?

We also wrote some amazing missing posters this week about Mr Bear to explain to people what he looked like and to help find him. They were super! You all used some adjectives to describe Mr Bear. Then Mr Bear came must have seen your super sitting while you were listening to Miss Roberts because he was sat behind all of you! We are so happy to have him back. I hope nothing else goes missing in our classroom! 

Keep up the hard work all of you and let’s have another super week next week! Have a lovely weekend! 

A super first week back!

You all worked so hard last week and we were really busy, but you all have it 100% all the time!

We have a mystery on our hands though. When we came back to school we found that our class teddy, Mr Bear had gone missing. We have looked all over the classroom and around school but we still can not find him! So we are writing missing posters and we are going to stick them around school so we can find him!

If you do see him could you please let us know in Year 1 because we are really missing him. I have also sent home some alien word this week for homework. Please can you read these at home. Don’t forget to check for special friends and Fred talk the words first. Make sure you are reading the special friends in your yellow book too and reading five minutes every night!

Also this week it is going to be really warm so can you please make sure you have a water bottle for school and if you would like you can bring a sunhat too. Remember we can not wear open toe sandals too. 

Fantastic end to the term

We’ve had a very busy last two weeks!

We had an amazing visit from Sam’s Safari who brought in lots of interesting animals for us all to have a look at. We saw mini beasts and animals that eat mini beasts and we even got to stroke a hedgehog. That was my favourite animal! You all seemed to enjoy yourself.

Then we got chance to see the eggs that have been in Miss Price’s classroom, but this time they were not eggs. They had hatched! When we first went to see them there were only three chicks and they were still in their incubator drying off.

Then we were lucky enough to have the chicks in our classroom, and we had all five of them on our carpet. You were all really good when the chicks were here, so quiet so that we didn’t scare them and you were really careful not to hurt them. They were really fluffy and you all got to have a little stroke of them. They were really funny to watch too. 

We also had an amazing last day where we had some fantastic Easter bonnets! You all tried really hard with them and they were amazing! 

A big congratulations to Charlie Jones who won our Easter bonnet competition! 

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. Don’t forget to read and practice your phonics. I’ve put a video here so that you can practice your set 1 sounds with your grown ups. Just click the link and practice your sounds!

Set 1 sounds for parents 

Stay safe and see you all soon 😊

Snow week

I hope you have all been having fun in the snow, but also staying safe and keeping warm. I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Monday for another super week!

Snow day work

Today I would like you to practice your reading, it could be your reading book or your favourite book. You can read it to anyone just make sure you write it in your yellow book. Make sure you are practicing your phonics sounds as well from your other yellow book.

We have also been looking at riddles for the last two weeks. You could write a riddle about your days in the snow and what you have been up to. Remember to use your full stops, capital letters and really try hard with your handwriting and your spellings. 

Your maths work is to keep practicing your 2’s 5’s and 10 times table and to look at counting on to 10 using our method where you put the biggest number in your head and count on with your fingers. If you want to challenge yourself count numbers up to 20. 

Enjoy the rest of your snow day and stay safe. See you all on Monday 😊

An amazing first week back!

What an amazing first week back we have had!All of the children have tried so hard with all their learning and really persevered when it was tricky!

We have been learning all about riddles this week! We have had a look at some riddles and even had a go at writing them before we even knew what they were. Next week though we are going to be writing our own riddles about animals that might live in the park.

We have also been looking at doubling numbers this week  and different addition problems. Some were a little bit tricky but we tried really hard with them.

Don’t forget to keep reading your books at home, we have our new super reading certificates in school now and I know you all want one. 

A massive well done to our outstanding writer this week Thomas for some super sentences including an adjective and our pupil of the week Ruby for having a super attitude to learning and trying her best with everything. I’m really proud of both of you, keep up the hard work!