A super week!

Well done to every single one of you for working really hard last week!

It was tricky work doing our money problems but you all perservered and worked so so hard to finish them and make sure it was your best. 

Your writing this week has been amazing! You are really remembering all the features of sentences and taking your time to make sure they are super sentences. Keep up the hard work every single one of you because you are doing so well!

Our first ever week winning the attendance bear and that’s because we all worked together to be here and on time everyday! Me and Mrs Challenger are so proud of you all! 

Tinsel our elf has enjoyed having a friend this weekend and I know all of you have enjoyed having Tate attendance bear in our class today. He’s really enjoyed seeing all of you do some fantastic writing in English and I know you have enjoyed cuddles from him too. Who will get to sit with the attendance bear tomorrow?


Congratulations to Dejay for being pupil of the week this week! You really deserved it for trying so hard with the money problems, adding different coins and even helping other children when they needed it! Keep up the good work Dejay
Congratulations to Summer for being outstanding writer this week! Your information about leaves was fantastic! It blew me away. You remembered your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and you tried really hard to sit all your letters on the line. You should be really proud of yourself Summer!


Another fantastic week!

WOW! What another amazing week we have had in Year 1. All of the children have tried so hard this week and I am really proud of each and everyone of you. Let’s keep up the hard work!

Pupil of the Week:

Congratulations to Noah Shaw who is this weeks pupil of the week. You have been fantastic this week always ready for learning and always trying your best no matter how hard it is! Well done Noah, keep up the good work.

Outstanding Writer

This weeks Outstanding writer  is Jack Shaw. You have done some great work this week, but your writing about the 3 little pigs houses was super! You remembered your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces and your handwriting was beautiful with your letters sitting on the line. Well done Jack!


Well Done

Pupil of the Week:

Congratulations to Callum Kenyon who was pupil of the week last week. You tried so hard with all your work and even when we did our little tests you never gave up. You always listen to all instructions and even help other children. You are a super role model to our class, well done!

Outstanding writer:

Our outstanding writer last week was Skye Brown. You did a lovely story about the 3 little pigs. You used lots of detail and remembered your full stops and capital letters. Well done, keep up the hard work Skye!


Our first Pupil of the week:

Our first pupil of the week was Charlotte Cockerline. You’ve had a wonderful start to Year 1. Listening very well to instructions and being kind and polite to others. You tried so hard with all your work and I am very proud. Well done Charlotte, keep up the hard work!


Our first outstanding writer:

Our first outstanding writer was Alys O’Hara. You made a great start to Year 1, especially to your writing. You wrote a beautiful postcard about your holiday including lots of detail.  You remembered all your capital letters and full stops. Well done Alys!